Microsoft continues its Cortana push with another update

Microsoft promised to update Cortana twice a month and so far, they have been sticking to that statement. This time around, Cortana can now access Bing's prediction feature, including its capabilities of predicting who will win World Cup games. Like other aspects of Cortana, Microsoft has added in a bit of a personal touch too, so that the it doesn't simply feel like Cortana is only spitting out data.

Marcus Ash announced the update on Twitter and said that the feature should be available now for all users. While we knew these types of updates would be coming down the pipe, it's always reassuring to see that Microsoft is capable of rapidly updating its digital assistant, no matter how small, at a consistent pace.

It goes without saying that Microsoft is deeply committed to Windows Phone and is wanting Cortana to become a cornerstone of the mobile platform and likely the entire Microsoft ecosystem in the near future. By pushing out updates at a regular and frequent cadence, it won't take much time at all for the platform to quickly mature and become the top player in the virtual assistance fight against Google Now and Siri.

Based on our initial tests with Cortana, the platform is already off to a great start for a feature that's fresh out of the gate. At this time, it's good enough to compete head-to-head with Siri and Google Now but with Microsoft's significant push towards alternative input methods for Windows devices (touch and voice) Cortana's future looks bright and will be well supported by the folks in Redmond.

Are there any features that Cortana does not currently have that you hope to see in the future? If so, let us know in the comments below.

Source: Marcus Ash

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