Microsoft decides to dump Senior Vice President titles

Microsoft is a big company and as such it also has a lot of executives that have "vice-president" in their title. But it looks like Microsoft is trying to cut down on at least one level of vice-president in its organization. reports that the company has confirmed that the title Senior Vice President will soon no longer be used by any of the executives at Microsoft.

The article reports that a number of Microsoft's Senior Vice Presidents have already had their titles changed to Corporate Vice President. While there are still a few Microsoft execs that currently have the Senior Vice President title, Microsoft sent out a statement confirming that the title will soon be gone completely. It stated, "This does not change the level or compensation of any of our executives, it’s just part of an ongoing effort to make our title structure as streamlined and consistent as possible.  Streamlining our title system will also make it easier for our senior leaders to move into new roles across the company, as we tackle new opportunities."

Based on checking out Microsoft's web page that lists all of its executives, it looks like Corporate Vice President will now be the lowest title that an executive can receive at the company. Microsoft now has over 100 Corporate Vice Presidents running all of the company's various divisions. Aside from a few specialized titles, the next highest executive position at Microsoft is President. Only 10 people listed on the site have that title. Finally there are the big names like the chief financial officer, the chief operating officer and of course Steve Ballmer, the chief executive officer at Microsoft.

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