Microsoft demonstrates Windows Phone 7 Mango update


Today at MIX11, Microsoft talked about the next big update for Windows Phone 7, dubbed 'Mango'. The update will bring a number of bug fixes, features, stability improvements and overall a better user friendly experience.

Mango will feature an additional 16 languages worldwide and will expand its marketplace to 35 countries worldwide.

The Mango update will also feature enhancements to make searching bigger app lists easier. The software will detect if you have a lot of apps installed; categorizing them by letter. Microsoft is including a new search function to help you find your applications quicker by searching by name.

The next Windows Phone 7 update will also come with a handy screenshot and camera roll navigation, to make showing off your pictures with friends easier.

Mango will also bring a big update in search functionality. With the power of Bing, users will be able to search for movies, restaurants, and other nearby businesses for you to visit. The improved search function, called "Search Extras", will make launching applications like IMDB from the web to your relevant search content open in one touch.

Microsoft will ship Internet Explorer 9 Mobile with the Mango update.

IE9 running on Mango

Microsoft demonstrated the power of HTML5 and IE9 running on Windows Phone 7 "Mango" by showing streaming music from the web. During the demonstration, Microsoft showed off the power of IE9 and HTML5 on Windows Phone 7 by comparing the iPhone 4 and Nexus S in a speed test of browser rendering.

Some other notable features on the Mango update is the ability to pin in-app pages to your home page, making it easier to jump to a specific feature or page within an application easier to access.

Mango will also bring multitasking to Windows Phone 7, giving users the ability to switch between applications without exiting out of the application. The new multitasking will allow third party apps to play music in the background. Mango will feature a new feature called "Live Agents", which turns your device in a real smart multitasking device. The Live Agents will detect if you're plugged into a power source or connected to a WiFi network, allowing the device to use more battery power and more data.

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