Microsoft: In India your interest in an Xbox could be ZERO!

There are times when creating content for an ad campaign can be very stressful. Most of the time, the copywriter has to come up with something that will be short, but will also stand out and explain the main point of the product that's being pushed to consumers. It's not as easy as it sounds.

However, sometimes things get pushed through the cracks and you end up with an ad that, while accurate, can also easily be misinterpreted. That's what happened recently when the Microsoft team in India posted a Facebook ad for a payment option to get the Xbox 360. Part of the ad is supposed to show that the financial contract includes "zero percent interest" in order to get Microsoft's current console.

However, as BGR India pointed out, when the main ad copy was posted, the headline came out as, "After this, your interest in an Xbox could be zero!” Ouch. That's certainly not the message that the company intended. Microsoft's Xbox 360 India Twitter page quickly posted word of their mistake and said that the ad had been removed from the Facebook page.

It's actually amazing that the ad headline got through what we would assume were multiple approvals before being posted. Hopefully, the marketing team for Microsoft's Xbox One console are taking notes.

Source: BGR India | Image via Microsoft

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