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Microsoft backtracks, no longer asks to explain closing OneDrive on Windows 10 and 11

OneDrive users recently noticed that Windows no longer allows closing the OneDrive client without explaining the decision first. The app would gray out the "Quit OneDrive" until you select a reason from a dropdown menu, with available options including "I do not want OneDrive running all the time," "I do not use OneDrive," "I get too many notifications," "I am trying to fix a problem with OneDrive," etc.

As expected, this feedback extorsion sparked a heated debate with overwhelmingly negative customer reactions. It did not go past Microsoft unnoticed, forcing the company to perform quick damage control.

A prompt asking you to explain your decision to quit OneDrive in Windows 11

A Microsoft spokesperson told Tom Warren from The Verge that the feedback request in OneDrive was only available to "a small subset of consumer OneDrive users," and the company had already rolled it back.

Indeed, attempting to close the OneDrive client on Windows 10 and 11 shows it no longer asks for feedback, and "Quit OneDrive" is not obstructed. Some users may still dislike how the close button is hidden behind the "Pause sync" dropdown or other "ads" across the operating system, but at least feedback extorsion is now gone.

There is no need to install updates or download any files to remove the controversial change in the OneDrive client on Windows. It will clean up automatically the next time you turn on your computer and connect to the Internet. You can try it by right-clicking the OneDrive icon in the notification area and clicking the Settings icon > Pause Syncing > Quit OneDrive. The app will warn you that closing OneDrive will stop syncing changes across devices, but you are free to hit the "Quit OneDrive" button without extra actions.

A Quit OneDrive prompt in Windows 11

Sadly, Microsoft still bombards Edge users with large amounts of banners and ads, especially when, God forbid, they try to do something outrageous like download another browser.

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