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Microsoft launches four games that users can play with their eyes

Microsoft has been investing in accessibility for its products in a number of ways, including the Xbox Adaptive Controller last year. One notable accessibility improvement came to Windows 10 a couple of years ago, when Microsoft added native support for eye-tracking technology to the OS, enabling a whole new navigation experience built around the user's eyes.

It's been some time since we've heard of more news on this front, but today, Microsoft announced a range of new "Eyes First" games that are now available on the Microsoft Store. The games are essentially re-engineered versions of well-known games, built to be played exclusively with eye control.

The four titles are Tile Slide, in which players need to drag around tiles with numbers on them, reorganizing them to be in order; Match Two, which, as the name suggests, has the user try to find two matching pictures in a grid of hidden images; Double Up, based on the 2048 title that made waves a few years ago; and Maze, where the player simply needs to find the way through a labyrinth.

You can download the games from the Microsoft through the links above, and if you're interested, you can build your own games using Windows 10 eye-tracking APIs detailed here.

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