Microsoft ordered to pay Lindows' court fees

An Amsterdam court has ruled against Microsoft in its attempt to obtain an injunction against Lindows, a maker of Linux software, as the two companies' trademark dispute continues.

Microsoft has alleged that Lindows' name infringes on its Windows trademark, while Lindows says that "windows" is a generic computing term. Lindows is also the name of the company's operating system software, though the company is now selling the product under the name Linspire in some markets, including Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, which are all under the Amsterdam court's jurisdiction.

Even so, Microsoft had sought an injunction to keep the company from selling its products. The software giant had objected to the appearance of the word "Lindows" on the company's Web site, technical manuals and other places. Microsoft had also asked the court to levy fines of more than $100,000 per day against Lindows. But Thursday, a judge in the Amsterdam District Court denied Microsoft's request for an injunction and ordered the software giant to pay roughly $1,160 in legal fees related to the litigation.

News source: C|Net

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