Microsoft prepares for the Mayan apocalypse with IE10 campaign

In case you have been living under a rock for the past few years, you likely know that tomorrow is when WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE some people believe the world will end, at least according to one interpretation of the ancient calendar of the Mayan civilization. Microsoft has decided to use this non-event to continue its previous "Browser You Loved To Hate" campaign for Internet Explorer.

This week, Microsoft has posted up some new web banner ads, on its "BYLTH" site, that take full notice of both the Mayan apocalypse as well as Microsoft making fun of IE's past reputation. There's also a related Twitter hashtag, #themayanswereright, that we predict will be used a lot for non-Internet Explorer related messages.

Microsoft even took the time to direct a not-so-gentle poke at Instagram for one of the banner ads. We don't know if Microsoft created it before or after Instagram's recent issues with writing up Terms of Service updates, but it certainly could not be timed better.

Hopefully all of this "Mayan apocalypse" stuff will turn out to be yet another "end of the world" hoax; something tells us that if the end of the world really is imminent, we won't get a lot of advance notice.

Source: Browser You Loved To Hate | Images via Microsoft

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