Microsoft Reveals Live Mesh Tech Preview

Late last night Microsoft revealed it's latest web technology, Live Mesh.

Live Mesh is a software + services platform and experience that enables PCs and other devices to "come alive" by making them aware of each other through the Internet, enabling individuals and organizations to manage, access, and share their files and applications seamlessly on the Web and across their world of devices. Live Mesh includes:

  • A platform that defines and models a user's digital relationships between devices, data, applications, and people—made available to developers through an open data model and protocols.
  • A cloud service providing an implementation of the platform hosted in Microsoft data centers.
  • Software, a client implementation of the platform that enables local applications to run offline and interact seamlessly with the cloud.
  • A platform experience that exposes the key benefits of the platform for bringing together a user's devices, files and applications, and social graph, with news feeds across all of these.

View: Microsoft Live Mesh
View: LiveSide Live Mesh Overview

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