Microsoft reveals MSN Messenger 6.0

Over the last couple of days we have been going a little Messenger mad. But today Microsoft themselves have joined in the fun and decided to reveal to the world that a MSN Messenger 6 does exist. Is this because of our recent news about what those Messenger folk have been up to?

Suprisingly I awoke this morning to read a Microsoft Press Release in my inbox stating exactly what I stated yesterday just without the release dates and missing the fact MSN will be launching their MSN Radio Plus service v.soon.

According to Microsoft, MSN Messenger will include :

  • Significant improvements to the user interface

  • New personalization features

  • Integrated game capabilities that allow users to play checkers, double solitaire and other games live via MSN Messenger

  • Integrated video and voice features that offer live, face-to-face communications between customers of MSN Messenger. Previously available as an add-on service from Logitech, consumers can take advantage of integrated webcam functionality, which allows them to show live pictures to their online buddies. Audio voice features are also available, enabling consumers to talk to each other using their PC's microphone and speakers. For Windows® XP users, video conferencing, or synchronized video and audio, will be available with MSN Messenger version 6.
Not much different from our exclusive yesterday, although they failed to mention about the logging. Check out our story yesterday and MSN's "sneak peak" page where you can see what Messenger 6.0 really looks like.

Screenshot: Webcam Support

Screenshot: New inbuilt games

View: View Our Exclusive details on Messenger 6.0

View: Microsoft's Messenger 6.0 Sneak Peak

News source: Microsoft PressPass

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