Microsoft to debut notepad software

Thanks creamhackered...Microsoft is set to unveil on Sunday new software intended as an electronic replacement for the standard paper notebook.

OneNote, a new PC application expected to be introduced during a keynote address by Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates, is the Redmond, Wash.-based company's attempt to make it easy to transcribe quick notes, preserve URLs and easily find information on your hard drive. Conceptually, OneNote, expected to debut by the middle of next year, is similar to word processing, but it is intended for quick handling of short notes as opposed to long multipart documents, Microsoft said. "Think of it as an electronic notebook," said John Vail, a director of product management at Microsoft.

OneNote is primarily designed to be used with keyboards on desktops and notebooks. However, the application will also be compatible with Tablet PC, which already comes with a notepad for taking handwriting notes. OneNote, formerly code-named Scribbler, largely tries to emulate the world's most enduring communications medium by adopting its look and feel. The interface resembles a notepad. Tabs located on the fringe of the data input area of the "writing" surface provide a visual navigation system for stored notes and resemble dividers from school binders.

A beta version will go to testers in the first part of 2003, Vail said, while a commercial version will be released in the middle of the year. It is not yet determined whether OneNote will be included in the Office suite or delivered as an independent application.

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