Microsoft to open UK retail store in March 2013

We previously reported that Microsoft has registered its own private limited company which indicated that the company is currently preparing to launch a retail store in the UK next March. However, sources for The Verge have shared that the software maker will launch its retail store after an online store launch in the UK slated for this summer.

The Verge's sources have indicated that Microsoft has not yet finalized the exact location of the March store, but it’s indicated that the store will be London-based with a possibility of more stores opening in other areas. 

Microsoft's chief operating officer, Kevin Turner, stated at the Worldwide Partner Conference last year that Microsoft plans to open 75 new retail stores over the course of two years. The company currently has 19 stores, so hopefully the more stores Microsoft manages to open, the greater the sales for Microsoft’s surface tablet will be.

As development in Microsoft's worldwide marketing begin to shape up, do you think the idea of more stores will work in Microsoft's favor?

Source: The Verge

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