Microsoft updates Bing app for Android with new UI and more

In October, Microsoft launched a new version of its Bing app for iOS devices with an updated UI that mirrored that of Apple's revamped interface for iOS 7. Today, Microsoft released a new version of its Bing app for Android device and it also gets a interface makeover.

The app, which can be downloaded now on Google Play, definitely has a "Modern" look as it has adopted much of the interface design that Microsoft has been using for the past couple of years. One of the big changes is that the daily image seen on the website not only is mirrored on the Android starting page but users can now set the daily image up to be their default wallpaper for their device. The front page also contains specific points to view more information about the photo in question, again just like the site.

Microsoft says in the change notes that the Android Bing app also has "many new features" but doesn't go into specifics. However, the UI revamp and the daily front image additions should be more than enough of a reason to download the new version if you have used older builds of the Android app.

Source: Google Play via WinBeta | Image via Microsoft

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