Microsoft wants HoloLens to be used by the military [Update]

Few would dispute the idea that HoloLens is a revolutionary technology, but Microsoft is looking to push the device in every possible field. While the company has highlighted HoloLens’ capabilities of changing how businesses operate and consumers get their content, the company has a new use case in mind: HoloLens for the military.

In a blog post on Microsoft’s Enterprise website, the company envisions a world where the US military, and probably other countries’ militaries as well, deploy HoloLens devices to their troops. So what exactly could a HoloLens do for soldiers on the field of battle?

Microsoft gives a few examples, but the main one the company highlighted was better communication and real-time understanding between military leaders and troops on the ground. For instance, soldiers’ positions and tactical options could be better understood while they’re superimposed on a 3D rendering of a map over their immediate environment. Enemy units and assets could also be pinpointed with higher accuracy, at least in theory, and an entire mission could be planned out holographically.

Other use cases envisioned by Microsoft are reminiscent of the company’s previous demos and the way companies and universities are already using HoloLens. For example, highly specialized staff, like field engineers or aircraft mechanics could get the info they need faster and in a more useful manner. Military equipment could be better designed or assembled when those creating are working directly in 3D space.

While none of these applications seem particularly inspiring or revolutionary, the important takeaway here is that Microsoft will continue to pitch the HoloLens as a productivity-first device. To that end the device’s price and availability may remain restrictive for years to come. This isn’t a surprise, but given HoloLens’ great gaming and media potential, fans may end up disappointed if that comes to pass.

Update: It's unclear why, but Microsoft pulled all articles, three by our count, that it had published on this topic today.

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