Microsoft's new commercial highlights its support of gay marriage

Microsoft announced a few weeks back that it would be kicking its campaign into high gear. Continuing that effort, Microsoft has released a new video for the service but it also highlights the company’s stance on one important social issue.

Gay marriage and are not two items you would typically pair together but that is the case with a new commercial. A new video was posted to the YouTube account that starts out like a few of their other commercials but has a scene where two women are married in front of what looks like a court house.

It’s clear from the advertisement that Microsoft is in support of gay marriage and this commercial highlights that fact. While we have yet to see this particular advertisement on TV (it was released late yesterday), it does send a strong public message that Microsoft supports equal rights for all couples.

Whatever your stance is on gay marriage, Microsoft has firmly planted its foot in support for the social issue that is currently circling the globe.

This is not the first time that Microsoft has come out in support of gay marriage. Back in June of 2012, Microsoft formally opposed the Defense of Marriage act in the US. In addition to Microsoft, Google, eBay, Electronic Arts, and Zynga have all stated they oppose the law as well.

Source: YouTube

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