Microsoft's OneNote turns 10, company celebrates

10 years ago this month, Microsoft launched its note taking software called OneNote. In fact, Neowin covered the beta testing of the software nearly a year before it launched, and even posted some leaked screenshots of the beta. Since OneNote officially launched, Microsoft has expanded its reach to other platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Windows 8.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of OneNote, Microsoft has posted up some new promotional videos showing how some people use the software in their daily lives. One of the clips, shown above, has Chad and Carey Hayes, the writers for the hit summer horror film The Conjouring, talking about how they no longer have to be together to write a script. Using the OneNote allows them to work remotely but still share notes and discussions on their script projects.

Another video features Joe Block, a baseball announcer for the Milwaukee Brewers, as he uses OneNote as his "cheat sheet" for all the information that he needs about the players and teams he needs to cover for each game.

The final video shows a couple, Ambir and George, using OneNote to organize their wedding by downloading templates to help set up a reception or what questions to ask a florist. Microsoft says that more details about the stories in each video will be revealed in the coming weeks.

Source: Microsoft

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