Minecraft Exploration Update is now available for everyone, for free

Those of you looking for new adventure and treasure in Minecraft have a lot to look forward today, as the Exploration Update, or version 1.11 of the game, is now available.

The latest update has gone through extensive beta testing and bug squashing is now available for everyone, bringing new loot, new NPCs, new areas, new creatures and new ... llama caravans. Among all the new additions, players will find the Cartographer, a brand-new type of Villager that will give you treasure maps in exchange for emeralds. The maps point to caches in the world, though these treasures are usually guarded.

Woodland Mansion is a new location in the game, inhabited by Illagers, who’ll try to battle you and guard their treasure. If you survive, you’ll be able to claim the Totem of Undying, which will keep you from dying.

Finally, the devs mentioned llama caravans, which you’ll be able to use to transport all your newfound loot. The llamas are also good in a skirmish apparently, and will chase off enemies using their spitballs.

There’s a lot more content packed in the Exploration Update, and you can get the latest version of the game on both Mac and PC right now, for free.

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