More info on Internet Explorer 10 Consumer Preview revealed

With today's release of the Windows 8 Consumer Preview, Microsoft is also offering its users a new version of Internet Explorer 10. Today, the official IE 10 blog site has a new entry that talks about the latest version of the web browser. Technically this is the fifth platform preview version of Internet Explorer 10 that Microsoft has released.

According to Internet Explorer vice president Dean Hachamovitch, IE 10 on Windows 8 has a full HTML5 engine on both the Metro and desktop version of the browser. It also can support Metro applications that run on both HTML5 and JavaScript. As Microsoft has previously announced, Internet Explorer 10 in its Metro version is designed to be used without any need for third party plug-in software.

Hachamovitch asks that web developers uses feature detection, rather than browser detection, when a user checks out their site in Internet Explorer 10. He states, "Often, the compatibility problem reports we receive have more to do with sites detecting IE and sending it different content than they send other browsers than any particular issue in IE." More information on IE 10 for developers can be read at Microsoft's official web site.

The IE Test Drive site has a number of HTML5 demos that are best experienced in Internet Explorer 10. One of them is the Beta FishIE site which may look familiar to some of our readers. Yet another HTML5 web site you can check out is a variation on Pong.

Image via Microsoft

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