MSN responded, promising to eliminate the storage issue

Thanks Crussader. When Google lit the flame with Gmail, everyone else followed like a wildfire! MSN, on the other hand, has been strangely quiet - what have they been doing whilst these other companies jump onto the band wagon? According to BetaNews, Observing the situation from afar, MSN sets out to reveal its plan as early as July.

"We have been intentionally quiet over this period, as we formulated our plans, and waited to see the Yahoo response, feeling it would be best to see how strong Yahoo's counter would be before going public with our own," Blake Irving, corporate vice president of MSN's Communication Services group, told employees.

Irving said that MSN hopes to eliminate the issues with storage space but would not comment further on the plan.

The real question being, "how much do you really need?". I mean, lets face it, how many people do you know actually need 1 GB of email storage?

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