My_____ redesigns site, stops competing with Facebook

MySpace practically invented social networking, but somewhere down the line they lost their way and became less and less popular allowing competitors like Facebook and Twitter to take over the top spots. While some companies end up rolling over and disappearing, MySpace is trying to reinvent themselves and they have started by changing their name.

No longer are they called MySpace – they are now called Myspace. Notice the subtle difference? In addition, their logo is changing to My_____. According to the official press release, the blank space in the logo is “a space where people can express themselves, enabling users to personalize the logo and make it their own – just as they can through Myspace.”

Although the social media portion of MySpace has been dwindling and they are no longer a direct competitor to Facebook, the site has been a good place for bands and celebrities to share their information with fans. They have long been known for their loud and flashy multimedia pages that are perfect for sharing new music and video clips, so the new Myspace is planning on taking the best features of the old site and adding tools to automatically discover new content that is related to what the user likes.

The new design is being rolled out in phases and will be available to everyone by the end of November.  Will this change be enough to keep MySpace Myspace relevant? Or will it fade into oblivion like so many other sites have in the past?

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