Myst IV demo premieres Monday

Sample of the long-running PC adventure series' next chapter will make its international debut on GameSpot DLX.

On Monday, Ubisoft will release a demo for the fourth installment in the famed Myst series of adventure games--exclusively on GameSpot DLX. The demo plops players in Atrus' room, which contains a number of objects, a trademark Myst puzzle, and an FMV flashback of Atrus' daughter (described in GameSpot's E3 preview). The download can be reserved now via GameSpot DLX.

Myst IV Revelation sends players back to the story of the first game, where the evil brothers Sirrus and Achenar were imprisoned inside two books. Atrus, their father, was implored to release them, however, and in the process his daughter Yeesha disappears. Players must search through four different ages, or worlds, to find Yeesha.

Screenshot: >> Click here <<

News source: GameSpot

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