NeoBytes :) The Discovery on Star Trek apparently runs Windows

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Image credit: CBS

If CBS is to be believed, Microsoft's Windows platform has a long, long, long future ahead of it. The third, and latest, episode of the new Star Trek: Discovery series currently airing on the network has Windows-related code running on the Starfleet ship. Discovery's timeline places it around the year 2255, meaning Windows will be around two centuries into the future.

The episode in question has main character Micheal Burnham analysing a string of code which, alongside being central to the plot of the episode, turns out to be Windows code. As spotted by some hawk-eyed Twitter users, the string is decompiled code from the Stuxnet virus used to target Iran's nuclear capabilities.

Since Stuxnet's mode of operation was written for the Windows operating system, it would seem Windows will continue to be the platform of choice for the enterprise - ahem, Enterprise - well into the future.

Star Trek: Discovery is already one of the most pirated series currently airing and we can only expect that number to rise given the show's inexplicable ability to predict the future. A bunch of Apple and Google execs are probably huddled around a conference table somewhere poring over every detail of the show to figure out how their rival beat them so long into the future. I think it's because the Surface Phone is actually a rebranded Zune that links with your HoloLens to hypnotise users into loving everything Microsoft. That's how Microsoft will take over the world.

Source: Rob Graham via The Verge

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