Neowin Asks: Who Downloaded Firefox 2.0?

Yesterday all hell broke loose when we discovered and publicised the uploading of Firefox 2.0 to Mozilla's public FTP and subsequent mirrors. Today we've stumbled accross many blog entries, articles and bitterness over the whole web's decision to "leak" this information to Mozilla's fans.

Guys - let's be straight here: anyone who wants the new build will get it somehow. Be that on the day of release or prior to the official announcement. You cannot expect every news site on the internet looking for a scoop to sit back and make a decision based on morals and postpone the news. It ain't gonna happen.

You can either have your cake and we'll eat it, or you put your cake in the fridge and do your utmost to make sure no one lights the candles until release day.

You know why it happened don't you? It's because these people who linked to, broke stories and more importantly downloaded the new build LOVE the product. They're not doing it to intentionally harm your FTP servers, they don't want to put mirrors out of action - they just want their greedy little hands on your nugget of software gold.

I'm not having a go, I'm just stating an opinion and attempting to justify why we'd do such a thing.

Oh, and if it helps I didn't download the build.

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