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Sony puts popular importer Lik-Sang out of business

Sony, a company not content with illegally putting root kits onto customers machines, pushing out proprietary formats as much as they can and making sure customers laptops explode has now gone one step further.

The much delayed and arguably overpriced PS3 is due to be released in Japan in less than a month and Sony is aggressively pursuing anyone attempting to import the PS3 into Europe before the consoles delayed release in March next year.

In a notice on Lik-Sang's website, the company apologises to customers and sheds some interesting light on what Sony's directors get up to with their bonuses:

Sony have failed to disclose to the London High Court that not only the world wide gaming community in more than 100 countries relied on Lik-Sang for their gaming needs, but also Sony Europe's very own top directors repeatedly got their Sony PSP hard or software imports in nicely packed Lik-Sang parcels with free Lik-Sang Mugs or Lik-Sang Badge Holders, starting just two days after Japan's official release, as early as 14th of December 2004 (more than nine months earlier than the legal action). The list of PSP related Sony Europe orders reads like the who's who of the videogames industry, and includes Ray Maguire (Managing Director, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Ltd), Alan Duncan (UK Marketing Director, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Ltd), Chris Sorrell (Creative Director, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Ltd), Rob Parkin (Development Director, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Limited), just to name a few.

It's likely that a huge backlash will follow in light of Sony's recent threats, may this be a lesson to a company that never seems to learn.

Update: Sony has responded to Lik-sangs claims and admits successfully suing the company. Sony is owed a substantial amount of money which has not been paid so one can only assume that the company cannot afford to pay and must cease trading. Therefore, Sony has effectively put Lik-sang out of business even though Sony is denying this. Sony described the purchasing of PSP consoles by SCE employees for "investigatory purposes". Believe what you will but you can read their response here

Thanks to Matt Hill for the heads up.

View: Lik Sang Notice

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