Neowin Java Chat down, Silver theme updated

Ahh the Java client on Neowin has gone Tits up due to a server problem at The server operator has told me to make you all aware that #NeoWin can be reached on the following server via IRC client software:

Server is: Port: 6667

Channel: #NeoWin

One client you could download is Bersirc v1.40 it is a freeware fully functional IRC program and quite popular with our co-webmaster Redmak. If you prefer to go old skool and Shareware, take a look at mIRC which is also cool but costs money. (Dep Ed - Hey in its many years of existence did you know only 10 people have ever registered mirc? It may be shareware, but no on pays for it :) )

Also our silver theme has been updated on the forums, it now has the image bar like in other themes (gradient titlebars) we are still looking at some colors and I will do the scrollbar within a few hours. to view the silver theme for Neowin main page click here. To change to the silver theme on the forums click here and scroll to: Other Options > Style Set select "Silver" Thank Redmak for doing a kickass job with the forum themes and Xpfreak for the new borders.

Cookies: Sometimes updates screw the cookies on Neowin, resulting in themes not being saved or you are not able to logout. To fix this go to C:Documents and SettingsUsernameCookies and delete any cookies (usually 2) with the name or (this is for XP and Windows 2000) Win9x users can delete cookies in the Internet Options of IE (this will clear ALL of your cookies)

Thats it :D bye!

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