New "Strings" app lets you withdraw sent messages, and more

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Ever made that awkward mistake of sending someone an inappropriate or an unpleasant text message? Or did you just want to edit that last statement you made, without the other reading it?

Enough of those miseries. Enter Strings, a new mobile app that aims to give the user full control of what he/she is sending in a conversation.

Strings requires for both parties to have the app installed. Conversations are dubbed as "strings," which are all distinct, so it is possible to have multiple conversations with the same people, but about different matters.

Strings has released a "10 Commandments of Sharing" which in a nutshell explains the app's features:

  1. You need a smartphone and phone number to use Strings. No number, no use.
  2. Your profile is not public. Only people who you add to your contact list can share with you.
  3. The only people who can view your content are the ones you share it with. Add people and remove people anytime.
  4. No one can download or share your content without your approval. Period.
  5. If anyone takes screenshots of your content, Strings will detect it and their account will be suspended.
  6. If you remove yourself from a conversation, anything you said will be removed with you.
  7. If you delete a photo, video or chat that you created, it will be deleted on every participant’s device.
  8. If you delete your account, your photos, videos and comments are deleted forever, on all phones and servers.
  9. What you share will never be analyzed, mined, sold, filed, or otherwise used at your expense.
  10. Strings is free to use and free of advertising.

Strings works with texts, email messages, photos, and even unlimited length videos. If a user sends something they shouldn't have and chooses to delete a string, everything inside it will be deleted, not only locally, but also from the Strings servers "immediately and permanently," at least according to the company.

Strings is only currently available for Apple devices. You can try the app for yourself here.

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