New Windows Phone 7.8 video leaks

Windows Phone 7.8 may be getting closer to its eventual launch but, as we have pointed out in the past, Microsoft has not been forthcoming about releasing any concrete information about its software update for many Windows Phone 7.5 smartphones. Today, a new video has been leaked to the Internet that appears to show Windows Phone 7.8 in action.

The video, posted on YouTube, appears to show the mobile OS running on the previously announced Nokia Lumia 510, but running with the Chinese language setting. Most of the video concentrates on the new Start screen, which will allow users to make the Live Tiles bigger or smaller just like owners of the new Windows Phone 8 smartphones can do.

The video also seems to show the Bing-based lockscreen wallpaper in action. We assume this wallpaper will change every day like the homepage image does for the PC version.

Again, Microsoft continues to stay silent about when we can expect Windows Phone 7.8 to be made available to owners of older Windows Phone devices. Perhaps Microsoft wants to put most of its marketing energies behind the Windows Phone 8 launch, which only just started a few weeks ago. In any case, we would hope Microsoft will break its silence about Windows Phone 7.8 before the end of the year.

Source: YouTube

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