New York's mayor points out Apple products caused rise in crime in 2012... kind of

Hey, you! Stop getting your iPhone stolen! It sounds a bit wacky, but Michael Bloomberg, mayor of New York City, had a valid point.

Crime in New York City has increased in 2012 when compared to 2011; Apple products could technically be the reason. Compared to 2011, there were 3,484 more major crimes recorded during 2012. In the same space of time 3,890 Apple products were stolen. While we're not sure what constitutes a major crime, there's a rather detailed Wikipedia article.

Bloomberg also observed Apple's products have long been desirable to thieves, pointing out that the 3,890 devices stolen were not recording any other phones. Technically, you could blame Apple for increased crime in the city, but they're hardly conspiring with thieves to make sure you're down a device.

He finished with some sound advice: keep your phone in an interior pocket! It won't stop a thief who is mugging you for your phone and wallet, but for someone trying to make a quick snatch in the subway, it could be enough. Sure, Apple's “Find my iPhone” functionality is all well and good, but leaving with your phone is better still.

Final figures record 108,432 crimes for 2012, 104,948 for 2011, and an overall increase of 3.3%.

Source: New York Times

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