Nintendo resurrecting NES games on GBA

At the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles, Nintendo is showcasing several innovative games that further expand connectivity, starting with the revolutionary Animal Crossing™, a community building adventure. This new game extends game fun from NINTENDO GAMECUBE to Game Boy Advance, opening new worlds, and also links it to trading cards with the introduction of the e-Reader. Players can download full classic NES games to the Game Boy Advance for hand-held fun on the go, and swipe trading cards through the e-Reader, which attaches to the Game Boy Advance to transport messages from the characters, game items and even music.

Connectivity features for other games can include, depending on the software design, exchanging various forms of data, unlocking new game levels or using Game Boy Advance as a supplemental game screen, controller or input device. Currently more than 20 video games in development integrate connectivity.

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