Noticed Google's new favicon yet? Google goes all out on blue

In what may not be a surprise to those who have already noticed the change, Google has updated their web icon, popularly known as a 'favicon' to an all blue colour theme with a centred lowercase 'g'. Since August 13th, users from around the world using the search engine, will have started noticing the change of icon which usually resides in the browser tab and favourites section.

While it isn't a significant visible change, it does signify a shift in Google's direction that we've seen in the past year relating to its cleaner webpage interface, across a variety of its services. While a favicon is only seen by most users as a 16x16 image, many companies use that small element of real estate on a website to put forward a theme that best represents that website.

Google has also produced another favicon that is supposedly sitting on their servers, perhaps they're saving it for a rainy day? The alternate icon is more reminiscent of its predecessor with the 'g' located off-centre to the left.

What are your thoughts on the change? Did you prefer the previous, multi-coloured favicon that we've come to know since 2009?

Via: OMGChrome (incl Images)
Source: Google

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