Nvidia 441.41 WHQL driver brings Halo: Reach support

Nvidia today released its WHQL-certified 441.41 Game Ready drivers, introducing optimizations for Halo: Reach. It is also the Game Ready driver for Quake II RTX’s v1.2 update that introduces new graphics options, textures, and more.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection is set to feature remastered versions of six Halo titles, headed to release for PC. Halo: Reach is the first to come out of this anthology, set to release next week on December 3, and will be available through Steam and Microsoft Store, as well as the Xbox Game Pass.

In October, Nvidia extended the sharpening tool it had introduced originally in August via Freestyle to the Nvidia Control Panel, but it wasn’t available to games utilizing Vulkan or OpenGL at the time. This release introduces support for games utilizing those APIs.

Along with all that, as always, there are some bug fixes as well. Red Dead Redemption 2 owners should find the frequent stalling issue fixed with this update, notably:

  • [SLI][Red Dead Redemption 2][Vulkan]: The benchmark may crash while running in Vulkan mode with SLI enabled and using Ultra graphics settings. [200565367]
  • [Red Dead Redemption 2][Vulkan]: Stalling occurs on some systems with 4-core and 6-core CPUs. [2752394]
  • [Shadow of the Tomb Raider]: The game may crash when launched in DirectX 12 mode. [200566997]
  • [Forza Horizon 4]: "Low streaming bandwidth" error may occur after extended gameplay. [2750515]

There are a few known issues as well:

Windows 10 Issues

  • [V-Sync]: V-Sync does not work. [2719115]
  • [Forza Motorsport 7]: Game starts to stutter after racing a few laps [2750611]
  • [Grand Theft Auto V]: The game frequently crashes.
    • Note: NVIDIA is working with the application developer to resolve the issue.

Additional Issues and Updates

  • No Low Latency Mode setting on MSHybrid notebooks/PCs with SLI configuration.
    • Note: In the R440 branch, we fixed a bug that was incorrectly allowing NVIDIA Ultra Low Latency mode to be enabled for MSHybrid and SLI configurations. Even though the mode appeared to be enabled on these configurations, Ultra Low Latency mode was not actually engaged. R435 was considered a Beta and we apologize for any confusion this may have caused.

The 441.41 WHQL-certified Game Ready drivers can be downloaded via the GeForce Experience app on Windows or via the links down below. The complete release notes are available here.

Desktop GPUs:
Download: Windows 7, 8, 8.1 | Windows 10 – Standard / DCH

Notebook GPUs:
Download: Windows 7, 8, 8.1 | Windows 10 - Standard / DCH

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