Nvidia announces AI-powered features for live streamers

This weekend, live streamers will gather at the annual TwitchCon event. Ahead of the event, Nvidia has announced a couple of new features at the live streaming ecosystem powered by the Tensor cores in the company's RTX GPUs. The RTX Broadcast Engine includes a series of features powered by artificial intelligence, which developers can incorporate into live streaming software.

One of the new features is RTX Greenscreen, which aims to reduce the need for streamers to buy physical greenscreens for their videos. It uses AI to distinguish a human from the background, offering the ability to swap out that background. Popular streaming software OBS is one of the partners that's already planning to incorporate the feature.

There's also RTX AR, which can detect faces and track facial features such as the eyes and mouth. This lets developers create AR effects to overlay on top of the video. In a similar vein, RTX Style Filters can apply a number of different styles to a video stream, based on artistic styles or video game art, for example.

Nvidia also announced that a number of livestream partners have added support for the Nvidia Video Codec SDK, including Twitch Studio, Discord, and Elgato. Adoption of the RTX Broadcast Engine should be more widespread over time, but Nvidia didn't announce specific dates for any livestreaming software to support the new features.

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