Objectbar, Stardocks latest piece of work

Stardocks have just released another customizing tool for windows- object bar.

ObjectBar takes the best features from virtually every OS available and brings them to Windows.

ObjectBar can do things such as group tasks together, configure the system tray to hide and show different items, display the programs you run most often automatically, provide tear off menus, menu tracking, virtual desktops, and full system integration. It does this with a fully skinnable and customizable interface.

For example, you can make Windows 98/ME's start bar look and function identically to the Windows XP Start bar or MacOS X's Finder or any number of operating systems. Dozens of ObjectBar themes are available on the Web that let users enjoy everything from a simplified Start bar to a Linux Gnome-style wharf.

Screenshot: Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3 Screenshot 4

Download: Download Objectbar here

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