OneDrive for Android will soon offer to free up space once it backs up your files

The OneDrive team is working on some improvements for Android and these new features have shown up in the beta version of the app today. Going forward, OneDrive will try to save you space by offering to delete content that’s already been backed up.

Storage space can be a valuable thing on mobile devices, especially as many don’t support microSD expansion slots. That’s why with version 4.9 (beta 1) of OneDrive for Android, the app will try to conserve local storage space by deleting files that have already been uploaded to the cloud. It works by determining if it has uploaded 1GB or more of your photos and videos, and if it has it will send a notification to the user.

He or she can then tell the app to delete the content that’s been uploaded, to leave the content for now, or to never try and do such a thing again because you can never be too careful with cloud backups. Right now, the feature is in beta, and you need to sign-up to try the app, but this should soon see the light of day for all Android users.

If you can’t wait and need to try this new feature right now, you can sign up for the trial right here.

Source: OneDrive Via: AndroidPolice

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