Original Xbox controllers might come back for Halo Fest

Fans of Microsoft's original Xbox game console might also remember the massive original Xbox controller that came with the console back in the fall of 2001. The device, also known as the "Duke" controller, wasn't the best designed in the world and Microsoft soon ditched it for a smaller "S" controller that was much more comfortable to hold. Yet a lot of players played their first Halo game with the original Xbox controller and now its possible that they will come back for a one time only appearance.

Giant Bomb reports that Microsoft's 343 Industries (the team now in charge of the Halo franchise) is "talking with several folks known for taking forgotten devices and shoving them into formats never intended." That translates into Microsoft looking into modifying the original Xbox controller to work on an Xbox 360 console. Microsoft hopes to let players use the controller to play the upcoming Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary remake at Halo Fest this August in Seattle.

If you thought that Microsoft might sell these controllers to the general public after Halo Fest, you are correct ... sort of. According to the story the controllers will be put into storage when Halo Fest is completed and then sold to the highest bidder during the annual auction to benefit the Child's Play charity. It's odd that the controller now has a fan base. It certainly didn't back in 2001. Game Informer magazine called the design of the controller the Blunder of the Year in the game industry.

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