Packaging for budget 'iPhone 5C' appears online

In another addition to the abundance of iPhone leaks and rumours flooding tech sites in the past weeks, packaging for a cheaper, plastic iPhone has been revealed, touting the name 'iPhone 5C'. This name would make sense, considering that Apple's latest generation high-end smartphone will likely be branded 5S, to fit in with previous years.

Most interesting about these cases, revealed on the WeiPhone forums, is their shape and material. The rounded white plastic matches the leaked casings we have seen many of recently, and still matches Apple's minimal aesthetics. In the past, however, Apple has opted for cardboard boxes for their iPhones, but perhaps they are too expensive to produce for a cheap device like this.

There has been some debate over what the 'C' could stand for in the name. Rumours of colourful iPhones point us towards the name 'iPhone Colour', although 'Cheap' may also be a viable, albeit a tasteless alternative. Could this be a phone limited by region, known as the 'iPhone China'? Tim Cook recently spoke out about the importance of China to Apple:

I continue to believe that in the arc of time China is a huge opportunity for Apple, and I don't get discouraged over a 90-day kind of cycle that can have economic factors and other things in it

Apple recently announced that they sold 31.2 million iPhones, a record figure, in the June quarter. More iPhone models would undoubtedly add to this number quite considerably.

Source: WeiPhone

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