Paint.NET 2.64

Paint.NET is a photo and image editing tool designed for computers running Microsoft Windows XP or Windows 2000. It serves the digital imaging community as a free alternative to the standard paint application included with Windows. It brings powerful features to the desktop, a myriad of special effects, plug-in extensibility, and layer manipulation.

Latest Changes:

  • Improved GIF save quality by implementing Floyd-Steinburg error diffusion algorithm
  • Printing now works in Windows Vista
  • Fixed a startup performance problem on some systems that was an artifact of the way the .NET Framework was verifying Authenticode signatures as part of its assembly loading process
  • Executable files now have UAC manifests to ensure proper execution privilege and to disable file and registry virtualization in Windows Vista

Download: Paint.NET 2.64 |3.32 MB without .NET Framework
View: Paint.NET website

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