Playstation 3 "Not Broken" Say Top Developers

Sony's Playstation 3 has been getting quite a bit of flak recently, and more fuel was added to the fire this week when The Inquirer reported that the PS3 was "slow and broken", and had "serious flaws". They referred to several slides from Sony's own press conference whilst comparing them to Microsoft's Xbox360, concluding that the PS3 had nothing on the Xbox360.

Speaking to leading developers for next-gen consoles quashed these reports slamming The Inquirer for taking things out of context, and using pointless measurements. Speaking about the PS3's triangle set-up figure, which is 270 million for the PS3 and around 500 million for the Xbox360 the developer look at previous generation consoles. On paper the PS2 had the ability to render more triangles than the Xbox, but in truth the Xbox was a much more powerful console.

"Everyone knows that the Xbox was more powerful at running real games, but if you just wanted to fill a screen with 2D, flat colour, unlit triangles, then the PS2 was much better at that, so it looked great in benchmarks. That just shows how meaningless this measurement is - it's really pointless."

The developers then went to pick off more of the Inquirer's inaccuracies, but did mention quickly about the troubles with developing for the PS3. They pointed out that these problems had been exaggerated in the media and on the net though, and said that Sony had learnt from its mistakes, saying "Every new platform takes a while to get used to. Put it like this, I worked on early PS2 games, and those were a real nightmare - we're getting code up and running on PS3 much faster than we did last time around."


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