Poll: If Microsoft twist, will you stick? [Update]

In the wake of the recent Xbox One announcement(s), we now know that owning Microsoft's next generation console will come with enough restrictions to make a state prison jealous. And while the general internet voice has spoken in favour of purchasing a PS4, Amazon have recorded high numbers of Xbox One pre-orders.

Prior to Windows 8's launch, Microsoft said that the Start Button, Start Menu and Boot to Desktop would not be made available without third party tools. But as we've all seen by now, Windows 8.1 has a Start Button and it seems that we will have the option to boot straight to Desktop, avoiding the Start Screen altogether. From the outside, it look like Microsoft bowed to consumer pressure once, but with the Xbox One, will they be prepared to do it again?

Our very own Tim Schiesser, during general chatter with the other reporters, said that the average consumer won't care or worry about the restrictions. Not to say he's wrong as I can see his point, but myself as an individual has spoken with friends and work colleagues, all of whom are Xbox gamers, and due to the restrictions on used games, the online requirements and Kinect, they are all looking to switch to the PS4 when both it and the Xbox One hit the shelves in November. So the question has to be asked:

As an Xbox owner, if Microsoft was to admit it made a mistake, and changed its policies, would you stay with the Xbox?”

The responses were as expected, but the best one made for the title of this poll. “Why would you twist when you can stick?

For those of you that haven't heard this expression before (maybe it's a cultural thing), but "Stick or twist" comes from playing card games, you can keep the cards you have "stick" or you can risk losing and say "twist" for more.

So we put it to you, fellow Neowinians. Those of you that have decided to switch to the PS4 because of the restrictions that will be put in place, or those of you that are still debating whether to make the jump, Will you stick, or twist?

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[Update] Thanks to everyone that has responded so far. The reason for the update is based on reader responses that suggest there should be more options to choose from in the poll. While it will always be the case that some consumers will buy both, we wanted to focus on the amount of people that have said they will switch consoles, not favour one over the other. Thanks guys, and have a good weekend.


If Microsoft was to admit it made a mistake with its policies and restrictions around the Xbox One, regardless of cost, would you stick or twist?

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