Polling app Straw makes gathering opinions even easier with new web interface

Back in June, Straw 2.0 was launched. Developed by a team of Microsoft employees, the app makes it easy to create and share polls and share them with friends, and the latest version made it possible to share your poll with the rest of the world, with app support on iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

But now, Straw is making it even easier to create a poll from any device with the launch of its new web interface.

The interface should be familiar to anyone who's used the app before, and you can use the same credentials to log in to Straw Web Polling. From there, you can create and track polls, view and share results, and even make edits, just as you can in the app.

Straw says that the web interface works on any modern web browser, including Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer and Edge - and it even works on IE on Xbox, as the image provided by Microsoft's Ben Rudolph (aka '@BenThePCGuy') shows.

When we interviewed Ben in June to mark the launch of Straw 2.0, he told us that future development would follow a path dictated by the needs and requests of its users, and today, he said that Web Polling was very high on its users' wishlists.

He also said today that Microsoft Account support for the new web interface is coming soon.

Download: Straw for iOS / Android / Windows Phone

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