Approximately half of Apple Music customers in U.S. are no longer using free trial [Update]

Apple Music had grabbed nearly 11 million users but the breakdown of those numbers seem to indicate a not-so-impressive statistic.

A new study conducted by a consumer research firm by the name of MusicWatch has found that 77% of iOS customers in the U.S. know of Apple Music but only 11% are currently using it as their streaming service. Of those individuals who had signed up for the three month trial offered by Apple Music, 48% indicated they no longer use the service while 61% had indicated that they deactivated the automatic monthly renewal option.

Looking at what streaming services previous users had come from, MusicWatch had identified that 28% had transitioned from Spotify Premium rather than ad-supported services such as Pandora or Spotify Free.

Of the current subscribers to Apple Music, 64% indicated that they were "extremely" or "very likely" to continue the Apple Music subscription post-trial period which ends on September 30th for individuals who signed up during launch.

MusicWatch also indicates that 30% of current Apple Music users stream Beats 1 radio while 27% utilize Apple Music connect; The data was obtained from an August 2015 survey of 5,000 U.S. consumers

Update: Apple has now stated that numbers gathered by MusicWatch are inaccurate and that one survey does not summarize Apple Music's destiny. Official statistics are yet to be released by the company.

Source: Business Wire

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