Professional Edition of Hitman: Absolution unveiled

Assassination is an art, and the Square Enix team seem to have agreed. Today, they unveiled the 'Professional Edition' of Hitman: Absolution, which includes new features and content which the standard version of the game does not include. Absolution comes at a price, but if you pay a little more, you get a little more. The Professional Edition comes with the following benefits, listed courtesy of Square Enix:

  • Three new weapons from the Agency.
  • Hitman: Absolution in an exclusive clamshell packaging.
  • "Making of" DVD
  • Art Book

Since the 'Agency Gun Pack' is listed in the promotional image as being DLC, it is safe enough to assume that it could be Day One DLC, and there may be other ways to get it coming in the near future. The three weapons contained are the "Agency Jagd P22G"; a semi-automatic pistol, shown with a suppressor and sight, the "Agency HX UMP", which is said to be a powerful SMG, and the "SPS 12"; a semi-automatic shotgun bearing some similarities to Hitman: Blood Money's SP-12 shotgun, which was required for an achievement. The P22G pistol could be a sneaky joke of sorts as well, for the term 'Jagd' is German for 'hunt', and part of the Square Enix announcement's description reads as follows:

Betrayed by the Agency and hunted by the police, Agent 47 finds himself pursuing redemption in a corrupt and twisted world.

Absolution is set for release during Q4 2012. Unfortunately, no more precise date can be given yet.

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