Promise introduces new hot-swap Serial ATA Drive enclosure

Promise Technology, the originator and leading supplier of ATA RAID solutions, announced last week the availability of the SuperSwap 1100, a hot-swap drive enclosure for Serial ATA (SATA)/150 drives. The SuperSwap 1100 enclosure transforms a SATA hard drive into a readily available, hot-swappable storage solution, ideal for desktop and small server applications.

While hot-swap – the ability to disconnect and reconnect the drive while the system is still operational – is a standard function in the SATA specification, most computers do not allow physical access to the hard drive and cables while the system is operating. Using the SuperSwap 1100, users can easily disconnect and reconnect their SATA hard drives without turning the computer off, opening the case or unscrewing a drive.

Promise Technology's SuperSwap 1100 works with all Promise SATA interface controller solutions. For FastTrak SATA RAID adapter users, the combination of hot swap capability with RAID 1, RAID 0+1 or RAID 5 provides high-availability and enhanced reliability that is ideal for use in small server applications. By combining drives, SuperSwap 1100 drive enclosures and a Promise FastTrak SATA RAID controller, users can easily replace a failed hard drive while the system continues to operate. Once the drive is replaced, Promise's RAID management software will automatically begin rebuilding the array. The SuperSwap 1100 can also be used with Promise SATA150 SATA adapter solutions for massive capacity removable storage applications, up to 250GB with currently available drives.

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