Pulse comes to HTML5, prefers Windows 8

If you have not heard of Pulse before, the platform aggregates content in a unique way that gives you a customized look at your favorite sources for news. Pulse initially launched as an app but it has now been ported to HTML5 and works with any modern browser.

Naturally, seeing as the Microsoft team was closely involved, it works well on Windows 8, especially IE10. As you can see in the video above, Pulse works perfectly with touch and seeing as Windows 8 tablets will ship with a HTML5 friendly browser, this makes for a perfect companion website to showcase the power of HTML5 and Windows 8 touch friendly capabilities.

Microsoft has been busy over the last few months and has showcased the power of HTML5 with various projects. It's clear that Microsoft is a big proponent of this web standard and is making sure that IE is on the leading edge of adoption and performance. 

Source: Microsoft

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