Rainbow Six Siege Year 3 content detailed, new co-op mode and more incoming

Rainbow Six Siege still has one more major content update left this year, but Ubisoft has already planned out what the game will receive next year. A sneak peek of what will be included in 'Year 3' was unveiled at the game's Pro League tournament finals today.

Just as in previous years, Year 3 will also include four seasons of content throughout 2018. However, unlike before, some seasons will include Operators from two countries, rather than the usual two Operators from one nation that we have seen until now.

As seen in the image taken from the stream above, the first season is named Chimera, with it bringing an Operator each from France and Russia that are specialized in biohazard threats. Moreover, instead of a new map, Chimera will feature a brand new three-player co-op game mode titled, Outbreak, which according to some leaks, will be a zombie mode. The mode will sadly be a timed event, with more details to be revealed later.

The second season goes back to the game's usual routine, bringing two new Operators and a new map, all from Italy. Season Three will once again change up the familiar system by introducing an American Operator and a British one, with an existing map getting a rework.

Lastly, the fourth season is set to bring along two new Operators from Morocco, along with another new map.

In summary, Rainbow Six Siege Year 3 will deliver eight new Operators, two new maps, a map rework, and a time-limited game mode. We can expect Ubisoft to provide more details on Year 3 as we get closer to its first season, Chimera, next year.

During the event, the studio also revealed that the game now has more than 25 million players, up from the 20 million it had back in August. Having a growing player base two years after the game's launch is quite impressive, and could be attributed to the number of updates and continued support that Ubisoft is providing for the game.

Source: Rainbow 6 (Twitch)

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