Report: 15 million iPhone 5 units ordered for September launch

The most anticipated phone launch of 2011 might just be Apple's iPhone 5, in part because the latest device in the popular smartphone series missed its normal launch date of June/July due to part shortages. Now it's looking like the fifth version of the iPhone may finally be ready by September and a new report on the Digitimes web site claims that Apple has order 15 million units of the device to be made for the launch.

The store, which used unnamed sources, claims that Taiwan-based Pegatron Technology has gotten the order to assemble the iPhone 5 from other components at its manufacturing plants in Shanghai, China. The story adds that Pegatron has also been trying to get Apple to give them order to assemble other products like the MacBook and even the iPad, but the companies that make those products are so far keeping their contracts. However, the article states that Pegatron might get a chance to make a small amount of iPads for Apple sometime in 2012.

The rumor mill surrounding the iPhone 5, specifically what will be included in the product, has been generating stories for months. At the moment, the general consensus is that this version of the iPhone will have a dual-core A5 processor that's currently in the iPad 2, among other new features. There have been other rumors that the iPhone 5 will have a radical case redesign, including a tapered shape, but so far those reports have yet to be confirmed.

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