Return to Castle Wolfenstein Patch v1.32 out

Hey! Thanks Creamhackered for telling me about this update to RTCW. Those that play it can now update to v1.32 of the game, notes below.

This patch will upgrade your retail Return to Castle Wolfenstein game to version 1.32. This update for Return to Castle Wolfenstein enchances ATI Truform support for Radeon graphics cards, and also adds support for moving objects in maps. A new multiplayer map called "Tram" showing off this support is included in the update. The update is also available in both Linux and Windows formats. Users have a choice of a full patch that will upgrade RtCW from any version, or a smaller patch for those who installed the 1.3 patch previously. For the full details, please consult the readme. For download links, see below

View: Readme for RTCW 1.32

Download: RTCW 1.32 Patch update (Windows) (16.5mb)

Download: RTCW 1.32 Mirrors & Linux Patch Update

News source: Activision RTCW page

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