Rumor: Apple to launch two iPhone 6 models, including first iPhone phablet

Pretty much the same, but bigger; much bigger!

A new year, a new iPhone. At least that’s what we’ve been used to up until last year when Apple launched two new devices. Now, the latest batch of rumors suggest the company may be looking at a repeat performance with two iPhone 6 models being launched later this year.

These new rumors mention two iPhones that will sport different screen sizes, both of them being substantially larger than the current iPhone 5 models. This is also in-line with earlier rumors regarding Apple's upcoming handsets.

The first device that’s supposedly going to come out of Cupertino is a 4.7-inch iPhone 6. This handset is rumored to feature the same screen resolution that current devices support: 1136 x 640 pixels. This would fit in terms of continuing app support, but it would also point to a pixel density of only 277 ppi, making this the first non-retina iPhone in years if true.

This 4.7-inch version is reportedly aiming for a June launch, possibly at Apple’s WWDC.

The second iPhone rumored to be launched by Apple this year is a 5.7-inch device which would qualify as the first iOS phablet on the market. This phone’s resolution would be higher than the other version but it is, as of yet, undisclosed.

Apple has already broken with tradition last year when it launched two devices at the same time, so this year we may see an even larger shift. Besides the WWDC launch of the 4.7-inch model there will be a regular event in autumn where the phablet iPhone would be launched. The spacing between events would allow Apple to better target their devices so the new phones don't suffer the same fate as the iPhone 5C, which got buried under demand for the 5S.

Of course this is just an unconfirmed rumor and speculation at this point, so we’d urge you to be skeptical until more info comes to light. 

Source: Tencent via: Trusted Reviews | Image courtesy of Apple

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