Developer beta of iOS 17 reveals new features on Apple Music such as SharePlay

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Yesterday was Apple’s annual company event WWDC 2023, where it revealed new products such as the AR headset, iOS 17, and its latest Macbook models. The company briefly mentioned Apple Music, however, with the iOS 17 developer beta rolling out users got to see more features coming on the app.

In May, Apple introduced a new concert discovery feature on Apple Maps and Music that allowed users to find upcoming concerts and their venues in their area. Now, as reported by MacRumors, Apple Music will allow a cross-fade feature when transitioning between songs. This means that when a song ends, it will transition into the next one without pausing in the middle.

Since the feature is new, some users reported that enabling the cross-fade feature on Apple Music caused the app to crash immediately. This happens every time users tap on the Music tab in the Settings application.

New features on Apple Music on the developer beta of iOS 17

Developers with access to the beta version are also noticing some changes to the user interface (UI) of Apple Music. One of these changes includes the full-screen display of the album covers that blend seamlessly with the music player at the bottom. There is also a minimized version of the music player that hovers over the Apple Music UI. The player offers the standard play/pause and skip options.

UI changes in Apple Music

Another feature Apple Music has in the making is collaborative playlists. The feature enables users to create shared playlists by allowing them to add songs to a single playlist. The capability also displays a profile picture to signify the user who added the tune.

Users also have the option to remove unwanted songs or “react” to the ones they like. However, Apple mentioned that this capability will be available later this year.

Collaborative playlists on Apple Music

Apple’s CarPlay is also getting an update with SharePlay, which lets users contribute to what is currently playing in their vehicles. They can, thus, pause, play, or skip the current audio to play their desired tunes. Lastly, some minor changes include the song lyrics being displayed in a larger font and syncing with the music being played.

Source and Images: MacRumors

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