Rumor: HTC to reveal new Windows Phone 7 devices Sept. 1

We suspected that more Windows Phone 7 devices would start to be announced soon after the "Mango" update to Microsoft's mobile OS went final. Now comes word that one of the biggest supporters of the OS, smartphone maker HTC, is holding a press event on September 1 that will focus exclusively on two new Windows Phone 7 products. Boy Genius Report claims via unnamed sources that one of the phones will be made for AT&T customers and the other will be coming to T-Mobile (sorry, Verizon and Sprint users). The event itself is being held in London.

The story claims that the AT&T phone will be called the HTC Eternity and will have a 3.7 inch display. The T-Mobile device will be called the HTC Omega and will have a much bigger 4.5 inch screen, according to the story. There's no other info about what tech specs each phone will have nor what the prices or specific launch dates will be given to the devices.

HTC still makes most of its money from selling smartphones based on Google's Android operating system. However the recent news that Google wants to purchase one of HTC's big rivals, Motorola Mobility, for $12.5 billion may have made HTC start to think that it should put a bigger marketing push towards its Windows Phone 7 devices. Meanwhile, the industry is still awaiting Nokia's launch of its highly anticipated line of Windows Phone 7 smartphones.

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